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Principles of business law emphasizing legal setting of business, nature of the law and court procedures, principles of contract law, sales of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code, torts, ethics, the U.S. Constitution, and criminal law. An honors course designed to provide an enriched experience.

This course provides students with an overview of the fundamental legal principles pertaining to business transactions and related topics. It also encompasses introductory subjects concerning the U.S. legal system such as the court structure, sources of law, legal reasoning and case analysis. To give students a broad perspective on the various laws and areas impacting business, the following topics are also explored: criminal law, torts, civil procedure, administrative processes, contract law, ethics, constitutional law, agency and the legal principles pertaining to business entities.

c-id businesslaw 125, c-idbusinesslaw125, c-id businesslaw125

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is a statewide numbering system independent from the course numbers assigned by local California community colleges. A C-ID number next to a course signals that participating California colleges and universities have determined that courses offered by other California community colleges are comparable in content and scope to courses offered on their own campuses, regardless of their unique titles or local course number. Thus, if a schedule of classes or catalog lists a course bearing a C-ID number, students at that college can be assured that it will be accepted in lieu of a course bearing the C-ID designation at another community college. However, students should always go to to confirm how each college’s course will be accepted at a particular four-year college or university for transfer credit. The C-ID numbering system is useful for students attending more than one community college and is applied to many of the transferable courses students need as preparation for transfer. Because these course requirements may change and because courses may be modified and qualified for or deleted from the C-ID database, students should always check with a counselor to determine how C-ID designated courses fit into their educational plans for transfer.

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